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Janet Brown


Frank's reputation and mannerisms are synonymous with integrity. He will express genuine concern and solutions for what is best for you and your family.

Bob Rosselot

D&E Machine

Frank Hickman is a man of his word. He is a Vietnam Vet, and he holds himself to a very high standard. He is proud to have served his country, and he is just as proud to serve his fellow man and his clients. He is always in the service of others and his goal is to help others reach their goals. Frank works with Business Owners, Families, and Individuals to attain their financial goals, financial freedom, and financial peace of mind. Frank uses a proven process, and all of his integrity, to help business owners become successful, retain great employees, and develop, plan, and execute strategic exit strategies. He helps families plan for college, protect their assets, be prepared for disaster, prepare for retirement, and provide for a smooth transition of their assests when they die. If you're looking for someone who will work with you, guide and help you, get you on a path of total financial security, Frank is someone you need in your circle of influence.

RJ Beucler, ChFC

Beucler Financial

Frank Hickman is the consummate professional. Having worked with Frank for the last 7 years serving clients together across the state of Ohio, I have always admired and respected Frank’s approach to life and business as well as his ability to make a personal connection with the people he seeks to serve. Frank is a terrific listener and a great coach in helping you discover the items that most need your attention in your professional and personal life. Specializing in the business owner market-place, Frank is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and ask the tough questions along with the easy ones. He only wants to see you be the best business and owner of a business you can be. He will stay true to you, committed to the task of serving, and being your number one advocate and fan of your business ventures and work relationships. I cannot think of a better person to help you get started on establishing new important business plans or help you evaluate the ones you already have in place.

Eric Saddler

Frank Hickman is a man of honor and integrity and I’ve had the pleasure of working with Frank for the last few years. He has also become a friend and we enjoy some fun with our military rivalry. As a small business owner, I am grateful for meeting Frank as he deserves credit for several improvements to my business. Frank’s broad knowledge of financial, insurance, and business operations enabled him to see opportunities that I either wasn’t aware of or couldn’t see myself. He’s humble and will give all the credit to the diverse team of experts with whom he works, but it’s Frank’s initiative that uncovered some brilliant ideas and his professional drive that brought these ideas to fruition. He’s the seasoned quarterback that has seen all the plays and knows how to score. Both my business and my family are in a better position as a result of working with Frank and trusting his leadership.